Leveraging SMS/Text Marketing for Fitness Centers

As you may know, gyms and other businesses in the fitness industry benefit greatly from SMS marketing. More so, in fact, than most other industries.

At FunnelPro we make it our mission to not only ensure you get started leveraging this exciting and powerful new technology to gain more members, but we also keep up with the "best practices" in the fitness industry, so we can pass that knowledge on to you.

Below you will find a few ways in which other fitness centers have been using FunnelPro to get more members and make more money with SMS marketing:

Save money on guest passes and increase their use by having your members simply text your keyword to 50464. They can then forward the text they receive to their friends and family for a free guest pass.

Offer weekly fitness and nutrition tips to both members and potential members. This builds credibility and gets them thinking about your club.

Offer the first month free or a similar deal to get new members in your club. They text your keyword to 50464 then show it to your manager to redeem it.

Send weekly updates, specials and promotions to your members. (ex. family addons/promotions, wave enrollment fee, free personal training sessions etc.)

OK, now lets actually do this. Grab your cell phone and send the following text:

Phone Number: 50464
Text Message: FitVIP

Wait a few seconds and this is the message you will get:

  Forward this to friends and family in your contacts who want to get fit or switch gyms. They can claim their complimentary guest pass by showing this message.

You can set up as many messages as you like for each of your keywords and you can set them to go out instantly or any number of days after opt-in.

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